About me

Hello, my name is Lukas Pauliny and please let me introduce myself.

Everything what I really need to know I was learned in kindergarten.

A sentence which you know from school reading-books by Fulghum.

He was right, but my story started a few mounts later, at the elementary school (but some tips from kindergarten are the best. For example that you can’t eat soup with a fork.).

You can call me Atimoon. Why? Because Atimoon isn’t Antimony, but why I’ll quarrel with the teacher which nature is like Arsenic. But I have to tell you, that my fantasy sometimes makes a lot of people fun or crazy (understand as to make them ragequit).

I made my own story in my had. There I can be everyone or sometimes maybe everything. My ideas I was kept in safe to paper as my pictures, and when I was older as text in my literature. Pictures were my bridges from EMOtional reality to colored fantasy.

My ideas and talents get me to the basic art school in Pilsen. Where teachers try to unify me. But I can’t let them make it. So as the right artist I have to quit it there.

In my head can be the sun blue, wheel rectangular, the grass grow up from the sky. Rock was from gingerbread. The clock ran backward. Dogs meow. Peoples like other peoples. And the birds run to the work by skates.

And why? Because I want it that!

And because it was right!

Do you want to know more about me?
Just read my personal CV.